October Progress Report

Work on Dreamcatcher has been incredibly productive over the last few months, I’ve been working hard on the features mentioned in the last post, and most of them are finished, with a couple of additions.

I mentioned a plan to speed up the training process by having Dreamcatcher automatically choose and rank important information for you, well that’s now working nicely, but I want to take it further.

Dreamacther uses statistical techniques to choose and rank information it believes is relevant, as such it can’t always be completely accurate.  At the moment I’m looking at how I can allow the user to influence this process, allowing you to quickly and easily tell Dreamcatcher what is, and isn’t important information, which should help to further improve accuracy.

I’ve also developed a new feature I didn’t mention in the article, Dreamcatcher’s brain now has the ability to test it’s self on all the information it has, as well as automatically adjusting its self for better performance.

It now also supports multiple file extensions such as Word, PDF Documents and more.  With regards to format support, I’ll be concentrating next on supporting e-mails and web pages, such that you can organize them separate to your main files, integrate them, or do both!

What’s next?

While all of these features are working nicely, they’re not all accessible from graphical window yet (you can only use them in code), so now I’m just working on how best to bring all of these features into the graphical window.

Once everything is available in the window, I’ll be running a few tests to make sure everything is working well.  After that?  I’d like to roll out a BETA program for you to try and test Dreamcatcher yourself.

Thanks again for reading,


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