Approved Feature list and development progress report

I am excited to announce that Dreamcatcher is coming along very nicely, I’m working on lots of new features to roll out to you in the first release.

So here’s a little summary of the confirmed features:

  • Hierarchical File Collections and Auto-filing
    • Dreamcatcher will support the creation of hierarchies and classification within them.
  • Multiple Filetype Support
    • A multitude of document types will be compatible with Dreamcatcher, including web pages!
  • Filing System Assistant
    • I’ll be rolling out a basic version of this with the intention of improving it in the future.  This is essentially a group of pre-built, customisable filing system templates for:
      • Study
      • Work
      • Projects
      • Combinations of the above
  • Easy Search
    • Traditional text based search
    • Document based search (finds relevant documents to the one(s) you’re searching with)
    • Search the internet using your documents
  • Sync Folders
    • Select folders on your computer to automatically import documents from
    • Copy the state of your Dreamcatcher collection to a specified folder
    • Cloud Storage Support (this one may come out a little later)
  • Multiple Browsers
    • You will have the option to enable one or more different ways of looking at your collection of documents based on preferences.
  • Menu Toolbar
    • Full customization of settings and plugins/add-ons
    • Bug reporting and feedback

Making the Training Phase Easier
So this got a lot of votes of importance in my last post, and I’ve taken that on board.  I’m currently working on multiple ways of training Dreamcatcher to understand your files.  I intend to support two methods:

  • Easy quick training
    Dreamcatcher automatically scans documents in your Collection, attempts to get rid of unhelpful information, and ranks what’s left (stuff that should describe your documents and Categories) automatically.
  • In Depth training
    For those who want to really take control of the auto-filing experience, this allows you to be far more specific with what belongs in each category.
  • Mix and Match
    You could of course start off with easy training, and if you find you’d like to get a little more specific, or something could be a little better, you can dip in to a bit of the in depth training afterwards.

Dreamcatcher Notes

As you may or may not know, Dreamcatcher was initially meant to be a note taking application, but I deemed that it would be more useful to create something that could potentially handle all types of files on a computer.

I’m pleased to announce that I am also working on Dreamcatcher Notes as a separate project, that can be used independently, or added to Dreamcatcher as an additional plugin should you choose to have it.  Yay!

The idea of this is to support rough ideas that aren’t quite fully formed, or notes that aren’t quite ready to be put into a document.  Notes made here will be stored and organized separately from your main collection of files, until/unless you decide they are fully formed enough to be exported and merged in to your main collection.  This keeps the scribbles and drafts separate from your fully formed files.

Supporting things other than Documents (e.g. Images, Music, Video)

This is definitely something I foresee in Dreamcatcher’s future, but it’s a very big job which will require a lot of additional thinking and developing.  So it’s unlikely that you’ll see this kind of support in the first release of Dreamcatcher.

But once I’m happy that the first release of Dreamcatcher is running smoothly and working well, I will be moving on to these features promptly.

That’s all the news I have to report for now, but keep watching this space for updates!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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